The Creative Process

Last weekend I participated in a bridal show in Elizabethtown. This was the first bridal show Galej Events has done, and I had so much fun meeting new brides, talking with vendors, and surrounding myself with everything wedding! The week leading up to the event was fun, too, as I designed and prepared my booth decor! So, I wanted to share my creative process – where I get my design ideas, how I develop and create a project, and the outcome of the final product! This is essentially a scaled-down version of the process I use to design my events – finding inspiration in industry materials, creating decor, and putting it all together!

The bridal show booth was an empty 8’x 8′ space. My awesome husband suggested I map out the space with chalk on our garage floor. So, I invaded the garage, and it became my workspace for the next week.


I started with a table. A very old drop-leaf table has been in my family for as long I can remember, and as this table currently resides in my office, it was the initial inspiration for my shabby chic decor. I decided to use the table as both visual display and product placement. From there, I needed decor.


I found this idea in one of my FAVORITE magazines – Celebrate (by Phyllis Hoffman). So, I collected all the bottles I could find and purchased spray paint in the colors of Galej Events’s branding. Then the painting began. About ten coats later, I had 20 beautifully colored bottles.

I realized the drop-leaf table was too small to fill the space, so I needed a couple smaller tables to create dimension and interest. I sent my husband (did I mention that he’s AWESOME?) to pick out burlap linens (burlap being inexpensive and in-line with my theme), and I went out and purchased a side table.


I sewed the linens to fit the small tables. Then it was time to pack everything up, purchase flowers, and head to the bridal show.

With my background in floral design, I could have probably done a more elaborate floral-scape, but I wanted to keep everything simple.

Image Image

The bridal show was held at Lu Mil Vineyard, and my booth reflected one way of interpreting the serene natural surroundings. Simplicity was key in this design. And, I think it turned out beautifully!Image

Image Image

Winter Weddings

With the holidays around the corner, we are inundated with Christmas colors and flowers – red, green, poinsettas, holly. If you are getting married around the holidays, it can be quite cost-effective to incorporate into your wedding the holiday décor that is already in place at the church or reception venue. However, there are some beautiful ways to break out of the holiday humdrum and make your wedding especially memorable!

Gold glitter:

Gold always reminds me of warmth, light, and magic. Celebrating during the holiday season makes it even more appropriate to elicit these feelings at your wedding!


Rich pinks and purples:

Deep hues evoke warmth, as well. Rich fushias and purples are a striking but warm contrast to the blustery, dull colors of the wintery outdoors.


Cream colors:

Where rich colors are a warm contrast to winter white, cream colors are a beautiful compliment to the snowy outdoors. Cream colors are clean and soft and create a beautiful holiday wedding backdrop.


Burlap, cotton, and baby’s breath:

Here in the South, we see plenty of cotton and burlap used for décor in the winter. What better way to put these textures to use than in your winter wedding décor!