He Proposed!…Now It’s Your Turn!

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you’ll soon choose who you want to share in this special day with you (besides your honey, of course). We’re talking about bridesmaids…and though calling them up and telling them they’ve got to buy a new dress, attend pre-wedding functions, and wait on you hand and foot is one way to do it, it may be more prudent to wine and dine them a bit. You want them to be an important part of your special day; why not make your proposal to them special?

The bridesmaid proposal is your turn to make the girls in your life feel like the gems they are. Provide them with they’re very own rings or pieces of jewelry.


Or, treat them to something sweet with personalized bridesmaid cookies!


Take them out to lunch and have the chef prepare something special for them.


Pretty much any engagement proposal idea can be converted into a bridesmaid proposal idea…


Have fun with it, and start the celebration off right by encouraging your bridesmaids to get as excited as you are about the fun everyone will have on your big day!


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