Handmade New Year’s Eve


I love New Year’s Eve. It’s got that possibility of new beginnings, it’s an extension of the holiday season, and it’s a great excuse to have a classy, glitzy party! But, right after the holidays, it can be stressful to plan and spend money on another party. So, this year, utilize the skills of the crafty people on Etsy.com, and host a classy, glitzy, handmade New Year’s Eve bash!

Begin by stepping up the sparkle with some glitzy décor in gold or silver. String clear lights and whimsical garland around the room.



Create a drink menu that is simple but fun. Have recipes on hand so guests can serve themselves (unless you plan to spring for a bartender or play one yourself). And, highlight the menu in a glistening frame!


Help guests designate their drinks by providing cute swizzle stick cocktail tags!


Set up your own photo booth by hanging up a white sheet and draping clear Christmas lights lengthwise like you’re creating lighted stripes. Provide a box with fun props, and set up a tripod with a timer-ready camera on top.


Then post the photos on your Facebook event page, create fun New Year’s gifts for your guests with their photos, or just send the photos out in an email. People LOVE pictures of themselves!!

Don’t forget dessert! End the evening with a sweet treat – bake cupcakes at home, or place an order at your local bakery. Then adorn them with festive New Year’s wrappers!


You’re on your way to a fabulous 2013!


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