He Proposed!

December is proposal season. More people get engaged in December than any other month.

Galej Events plans proposals (we hire a photographer, confirm dinner reservations, make sure the ring is sized, etc.), and proposals always make for the best stories when they are personalized for the couple…perhaps the lovebirds go back to the place they first met…perhaps the guy places the ring inside of some object that has significance to the couple….

My husband proposed by making a dream I had had early in our relationship come to life. I had dreamt that we were riding on a horse-drawn carriage and he mentioned something about me being his wife. As my then boyfriend asked me to recall this dream to him one May afternoon while we were stading on a street corner, I realized that he had something up his sleeve. He then got down on one knee and said, “I want to make all of your dreams come true. Will you marry me?”, and three minutes later we were engaged and riding on a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Denver!

It’s a short blog this week, folks…because we want to hear from you! How did he propose? Were you surprised? Was it simple or elaborate?

If you’re not yet engaged, do you have hopes or ideas for a future proposal?

Share your stories in the comments section! Just click the “speech bubble” next to the title of this blog!


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