Reach Out and Touch It


I’ve discovered a newfound love of texture. My husband and I just designed our master bathroom in creams and whites, but the texture on every element of the room makes it SO dynamic. 

I would LOVE to pull more texture into my next event designs. I’d love to stock my shelves and my portfolio with glitter, feathers, pillows, rugs, crystals, and vintage ceiling tiles.
We’ve used textured tablecloths in the past, and they make the whole dining experience more “hands-on”…literally! 
Even invitations can be textured with raised text, charms, and ribbons.
Plus, texture makes the event feel so much more personal. Anyone can head to a Party Warehouse and pick up flat, monochromatic tablecloths, napkins, and forks, but using a feathered tablecloth, silk napkins in wooden napkin rings, or scroll-engraved flatware lets your guests know you put thought into the experience you are creating for them!



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